Make it simple.

Use good data. Make good decisions.

Simplify   Decisions

You want to make good decisions. You want to make informed decisions. You need the best possible information.

Decision-makers need simple, accessible views of the information most important to them. MarketStack makes those views available using tools like D3, Tableau, and Qlik.

Simplify   APIs

You want to go to the heart of the matter. You don’t want distractions. You need to filter the noise.

Teams need to share insights, not unfiltered chaos. MarketStack helps your teams access those insights through simple, versatile APIs. We expose those APIs using micro-service frameworks like Sinatra, Flask, Express, and Flight.

Simplify   Analysis

You want to grow your business. You want to deliver the best experience to your customers. You need to analyse your data.

Business development needs to know what is working and what is broken. They need to distinguish opportunities from dead ends. MarketStack helps provide those answers through analysis using tools like SciPy, R, Spark, and even Excel.

Simplify   Communication

You want to move quickly. You want your team to perform at its best. You need good communication.

High performing teams need fewer meetings and less email. MarketStack encourages efficient communication using tools like Slack, Hipchat, and Trello.

Simplify   Data Collection

You want to be informed. You want to know what is happening with your business. You need to collect the right data.

Managers and analysts need the full picture. They need their systems to collect the right data. MarketStack uses client-side event tracking and server-side logging. We make sure the data you need is available in your log files, SQL and noSQL databases, and your Google (or other) analytics platform.

Simplify   Development

You want to lead your industry. You want to be agile. You need your technology at the leading edge.

Customers need better experiences. They need your product to improve. Your developers can only improve your product through agile development and short release cycles. MarketStack works with development teams to use tools like Github, Bitbucket, Gulp, Jira, Locust and Wraith to iterate quickly.

Simplify   Infrastructure

You want to scale. You want to invest in customer experience, not overpriced hardware. You need sensible infrastructure.

Developers need flexible infrastructure which scales and is affordable. They need to resources which they can quickly add, destroy or reconfigure. MarketStack works with development teams to use providers like Digital Ocean, Linode, Rackspace, AWS, and Hetzner.

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