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How marketstack Started? Behind Marketstack

How it all started

Back in early 2018, marketstack was initially presented under a different name with the aim of providing a free and cost-effective market data alternative to Yahoo Finance. In the course of the years, our REST API has become one of the most popular one-stop shop solutions for real-time, intraday and historical stock data, supporting a total of 170,000+ stock tickers from 70 global stock exchanges, including NASDAQ, Australian Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, and many more.

The marketstack API is built on top of scalable, cutting-edge cloud infrastructure, handling millions of concurrent API requests each day. Using the API you will be able to obtain rate information as well as metadata about stock tickers, companies as well as stock exchanges.

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marketstack is part of the apilayer portfolio of REST API products, sitting next to some of the most popular microservice APIs, including currencylayer, ipapi and scrapestack. Below you will be able to explore a series of other apilayer products.

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